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Fifth Business



Fifth Business is a Boston based musical group that coagulated around a handful of basement demos cobbled together by guitarist/singer/dilettante John Greene

Vocals, Guitar / John Greene
Lead Guitar/ Jason Layne
Bass / Richard Murillo
Drums / Andy Rosenbloom



John is an actor, writer, and musician with deep local roots. He terrorized audiences in as the frontman of The Slurred Murray’s before transitioning to the dark brooding pop frontiers of Pyotr/Verre. His live projects were heavily interspersed with theater and a number of other recording projects.

Jason is a former WFNX radio personality who has since drawn a number of musical projects into his orbit. He banged on the drums for Drab, fronted with guitar for Sunken Armada as well as augmented the sounds of Emerald Comets across a few different instruments. He currently plays drums in The Fellowship of Feeding Wolves.

Richard most recently held down a guitar spot with Guillermo Sexo. Prior to his long and fruitful run in that outfit. Prior to that Richard stroked angular, exciting guitar lines for Autochrome.

Andy is an NYC transplant, who prior to nesting in Boston, held down the percussion for Leigh-Ra. Prior to holding the beat down in the village haunts for that group, he did the same for The Fulton’s.


Friday May 10th 2019

The Plough & Stars

Cambridge, Ma.

With Rampikes, THe Sound Down Cellar

(Featuring Jay Murphy Spinning Vinyl)


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Magician and Lute Player Demos Pt. 1

by Fifth Business